About Outsource Recruitment Service

● Japanese Interpreter Outsourcing: Start from 4 hr. (half-day), 8 hr. (full-day), Weekly, Monthly or anything you can design.
● Japanese-Thai, Thai-Japanese Translator: IDEABOY can translate all documents and media such as informal, formal document, games, movies, anime, drama, website etc.
● IT Consulting: IDEABOY has professional developer team for application development, website development and more.

Outsource Recruitment Service Process

1. Call +66(0)2-331-7677 or Email to aey@ideaboy.co.th or you can register directly here

2. Input your company profile and job description.

3. After the register was completed, IDEABOY will contact you about the service fee.

Outsourcing Service Fee

● Japanese Interpreter Outsourcing: Half-Day (Within 4 Hours) 5,800 THB, Full-Day (Within 8 Hours) 8,800 THB
*Special discount for early-order customer, we offer 5% off! (For 1 month before job start ordered that was confirmed only)
**For special case that required very specific knowledge, we can offer the expert Japanese Interpreter, but maybe charged for extra cost
● Japanese-Thai-English Translate: Japanese 1 alphabet (Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana) 1~2 THB / 1 Page 400~800 THB
● Part-Time Outsourcing: Start from 450 THB/day/person (Minimum Service Fee is 5,000THB)
● IT Consulting, Software Developemnt (On Demand): Please contact us case by case. We will estimate the budget and finish time for you.

Payment Method

1. IDEABOY will claim by issue the invoice.

2. The Payment Due Date is 30 days after the invoice was issued.