IDEABOY Recruitment

IDEABOY Recruitment Agency is an expertise in providing professional and efficient recruiting services.
We believe in our ability to deliver the satisfactory candidates to meet the client's needs.


ชลดา หนิง
สรารัตน์ โม

CEO & Founder

Chatchaphon Nilkumhang

IDEABOY Recruitment We do business using internet and information technology. We always serving high speed, safety, high quality services to everyone.

  • Always Serving the Best Service
  • All Services are contingency type, no initial cost
  • Always challenging a new thing "IDEABOY"

Human Resource Consultant, Recruiter, Japanese Interpreter, System Developer, Computer Engineer

CEO, Mr.Chatchaphon Nilkumhang (Aey)

Company Profile

Company Name  IDEABOY Recruitment Co., Ltd.
Registration Firm No.  N. ST 1/2557
TAX ID  0645556000241
Head Office 611 Soi On Nut 30, On Nut, Suanluang, Bangkok 10250
Founded  2013/12/19
Registered Capital  2,000,000 THB
Cumulative Sales  40,000,000 THB (2014~2019)
CEO & Founder  Mr.Chatchaphon Nilkumhang (Aey)
Employees  7 persons (2020)